Membership Perks

Hello Valued DVBA Members,

Erin here, your friendly connection to Community & Membership.
I love connecting with all of you amazing members at local events and mixers supporting our local businesses & chambers of commerce. One thing I am finding is that not enough members know how many perks you receive with your DVBA/NAHB memberships. Let’s fix that!

First off: computers. We all use them, and inflation has definitely increased costs for this crucial business necessity. Did you know that your membership affords you up to 40% all Dell computers, servers, electronics, and accessories?!

Next up is shipping. Whether it’s materials like custom tile or fixtures, or overnighting contracts and documents, with flat rate pricing for members you get a 50% discount on Next-Day Shipping, and 30% off for ground commercial/residential! You cannot beat those savings.

I will continue to highlight your perks and future events for you to network & connect with other members, public officials, and elected offices alike. Hope to see you at our annual golf tournament on Friday, November 17th as we return to Classic Club!

Byline:  Erin Hyland, Community Membership Liaison