Legislative Forum Group:
Allan Levin 2016 Chair
Meet: 1st Thursday Each Month – 7:30 am to 9:00 am
Rancho Mirage City Hall

California Building Code – New Regulations Effective January 1st, 2017

Residential Mandatory Measures – Jan 2017

Tier 1 – Residential Measures – Jan 2017

Tier 2 – Residential Measures – Jan 2017

Indoor and OUtdoor Lighting – part 1 – Jan 2017

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – part 2 – Jan 2017

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – part 3 – Jan 2017

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – part 4 – Jan 2017

2016 CA Code Update

Public Works Group (June Luncheon) Presentation by Imperial Irrigation District:

PWG June 2016 Presentation

March Housing Permit Numbers (by City), including valuations:

CIRB – Riverside & Imperial – Jan – March 2016

CVWD – Policy Change

Please contact the DVBA  for an important message regarding the May 1st Policy Change & Metering or click link to:

CVWD new procedures May 1 2016

Market Watch Presentation – “Snowbirds – A vital component to the Valley’s Economy & Housing Market”

Market Watch – April 2016

February News:  Housing Permits, Energy Update & DVBA Legislative Opinion & more:

Read all about the latest permit activity (by Jurisdiction):

DVBA Legislative Opinion April 2016

Energy Permit Summary Report – February 2016

CIRB California Construction Review – February 2016

AB 52 Workshop – Part 1

AB 52 Workshop – Part 2

AB 52 Workshop – Part 3

AB 52 Workshop – Part 4

AB 52 – Legislative Bill Language – Adopted and Implemented

October Housing Permits

Latest updates on housing permits issued January 2015- October 2015.  Provided as a benefit service to DVBA Members & Supporters.

Oct 2015 Countywide Permits

Individual Cities Report Oct 2015

Election News – November 3, 2015

Here’s the Preliminary Results for the November 3rd Elections in City of Palm Springs, City of Desert Hot Springs, Desert Water Agency & Imperial County (all results throughout each region are attached)

Fall 2015 – Preliminary Election Results as of November 4th – Prelim Nov 4

Be sure to check out the Calendar Section (first day of each month for the DVBA Electronic Newsletter- for additional Legislative Highlights)

Housing & Non-Residential Permit Activity- Jan thru Sept 2015

Figures are in!  Permit activity by city linked here:

Riverside & Imperial – Comparison Report Jan thru Sept 2015

Riverside & Imperial – By City Report Jan thru Sept

Legislative News & Highlights for August

Housing Permit by County (for specific city details contact the DVBA Office direct).CIRB Report July 2015
DRECP & BLM Updates. The Federal & State portions of the Proposed DRECP Plan have been placed on hold. BLM is continuing to move forward with their portions of the Plan and attached are further details and maps of the issues that BLM are impacting. There are 2 parts to the update presentation, plus 2 maps referenced here for specific site locations.
DRECP_Coachella Valley LUPA_8-25-15_part 1
DRECP_Coachella Valley LUPA_8-25-15_part 2
Wind Projects – San Gorgonio Pass Area Map
Renewable Energy Applications – I-10 Corridor – August 2015
Real Estate Economics Forecast – held August 10th with 3rd Quarter reporting (this is 3 parts due to the size of the presentation. Real Estate Economics Presentation August 2015 – part 1

Real Estate Economics Presentation August 2015 – part 2

Real Estate Economics Presentation August 2015 – part 3

Legislative News & Highlights for June

Permit Activity (Residential & Non Residential by Community) Residential Time Series Reports by City 06-2015
Time Series Reports by City 06-2015

Legislative News & Highlights for April & May

Public Officials Luncheon – Presentation by City of Indio Mayor Lupe Ramos Watson –Public Officials Lunch – City of Indio May 2015

California Stormwater Quality Association Annual Report – Distributed May 2, 2015  CASQA Annual Update April 2015

Cathedral City – Hosted Developer Forum to provide updates on Public Works Projects; New Residential Communities & other upcoming projects within the City.  Here is the presentation for complete review: Cathedral CIty – Development Forum April 2015 PDF

Legislative News & Highlights for January 2015

At the January 8th DVBA Monthly Legislative Forum a presentation was made on the Proposed West Desert Hot Springs MDP flood control plan.  Here is the link to the overlay map of the proposed plan.  Proposed West DHS MDP Aug 2014-presented 1-8-15

Housing Permit Activities – Riverside & Imperial Counties – December 2014 & Year to Date Comparison:

For brief snapshot click here:  CIRB – Statewide Comparison Dec 2014

For more detailed (city by city/county) please contact the DVBA Office for report information.  Of note, of the 6 Southern California Counties tracked (Riverside, Imperial, Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernadino), Riverside County was the 2nd highest for permit activity (trailed Los Angeles County).  Riverside County pulled 4,937 single family units & 1,906 multi-family units in 2014.

Legislative News & Highlights for December 2014

Housing Permit Activity – Jan thru Oct 2014

Legislative News & Highlights for November 2014

Check out these latest updates regarding legislative bills & housing permit numbers:

DVBA Newsletter Bills of Interest November 1 2014

CIRB – Statewide Comparison – Riverside Co – Sept 2014

CIRB – Statewide Comparison – Imperial Co Sept 2014

CIRB – Southern California Counties – Sept 2014

Legislative News & Highlights for October 2014

Statewide Housing Permit Comparison Report (August report) issued by County:

Click Here for Riverside:  CIRB – Statewide Comparison – Riverside Co – Aug 2014

Click Here for Imperial:  CIRB – Statewide Comparison – Imperial Co August 2014

DVBA Bills Watch List: End of Legislative Session: DVBA Newsletter Bills of Interest October 1 2014

Legislative News & Highlights for September 2014

(Click Highlighted Links for Details)

DVBA Bills of Interest Sept 2, 2014

CHF-CIRB 2014 Semi-Annual Permit Summary Report

2004-2014 Housing Production in California

Residential Detailed 2014 Semi-Annual Data by Month

Non-Residential Detailed 2014 Semi-Annual by Month

Energy Permit Summary Report 07-2014

California Public Works Construction Summary – July 2014

AMEC Company Introduction and Federal EPA Permitting in Waters

 Legislative News & Highlights for August 2014

(Click highlighted links for access)

Housing Permits – June 2014 Release:

Statewide Comparison Reports 06-2014

State Ballot Measures – November 2014 Elections:

2014 Ballot Propositions summary

DVBA Bills Watch List:

WebSite Legislative Updates August 1 2014(a)

DVBA August Newsletter:

August 2014 Newsletter

Legislative Update (July)

DVBA Bills Watch List & Newsletter (combined)

July 2014 (1)

Legislative Bills Watch List (June 30, 2014)

Click link here for current legislative bills (Support & Oppose the DVBA is tracking) – DVBA Bills of Interest June 30 2014

Riverside County -Whitewater River Region (NPDES – MS4) Permit

Click here for the informative PowerPoint presented on July 16th regarding NPDS/MS4 Permits in Riverside County –  Stormwater Resources 2014

California’s Residential Indoor Water Use Report

(Provided by California Building Industry Association – issued March 2014 Update received July 2014)

Click here for report – Calif Residential Indoor Water Use Report March 2014

LEGISLATIVE UPDATES (By Jurisdiction) – April 2014

Legislative Updates April 28 2014 – Click highlight to the left for Listing by Jurisdiction of current updates


Statewide Comparison – Riverside Jan-Feb 2014 – click link to left for Month to Month Comparisons 2014 to 2013 – Residential & Non Residential

Statewide Comparison – Imperial Jan – Feb 2014 – click link to left for Month to Month Comparisons 2014 to 2013 – Residential & Non Residential

Residential Time Series – Riverside Specific City Jan-Feb 2014 – click link to left for City by City – Jan & Feb 2014 activity

Residential Time Series – Imperial Jan – Feb 2014 – click link to left for City by City – Jan & Feb 2014 activity


Jan 2013- December 2013

Riverside County Residential Permit Activity – Jan -Dec 2013 – Click Here:Residential Permit Activity- RV Co Jan-Dec 2013

Riverside County Non-Residential Permit Activity – Jan-Dec 2013 – Click Here: Non-Residential Permit Activity- RV Co – Jan-Dec 2013

Imperial County Residential Permit Activity – Jan-Dec 2013 – Click Here:Residential Permit Activity – IV Co – Jan-Dec 2013

Imperial County Non-Residential Permit Activity – Jan-Dec 2013 – Click Here: Non-Residential Permit Activity- IV Co Jan-Dec 2013

MarketPlace Report – January 2014

Click to link to report: Market Watch Report – Jan 2014

City of Coachella – Presentation made Jan. 9th, 2014

With additional information provided by New West Communities – “La Entrada – Master Planned Community”

click here for the link to presentation: City of Coachella – POL Jan 2014

DVBA Year in Review:

Click here for the DVBA “Year in Review” and check out the various Legislative Issues the Association has undertaken this past year and provided benefit services to you – the DVBA Member!

Website – Year in Review Update

DVBA – Legislative Updates – City & County News

Click here Website – Bills Update Oct 2013 to be connected to all the latest news from the Coachella & Imperial Valleys Cities & Counties.

Regulatory Advisory – Click Here Website – Regulatory Advisory Sept 2013 – re Off Road Vehicles for information about the U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board enforcements concerning In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles.

School Fees – Updated October 8, 2013: (Click Here for updates on Coachella & Imperial Valley School District Fees) DVBA School Districts and Fees – Oct 2013

DVBA – Legislative Bill Update – September 18, 2013

Click here for Legislative Bill Tracking provided by DVBA: Website Update Sept 18 – Legislative Bills

 School Fees – Updated August 30 2013

Click here: Website Update – School Fees – August 2013 for the latest in School Fees by District in both the Coachella & Imperial Valleys.  Contact the DVBA direct at 760-776-7001 with any questions on a specific district or fee level.

Latest Housing Permit Information

Here is information on Coachella & Imperial Counties – June 2013 (most current available)  Residential Permit Activities:

Residential Permits – June 2013


Governor Signs Two Year Map Extension Legislation:

On July 11th, Governor Brown signed into legislation AB116, the Two Year Map Extension.  The full bill is linked here Scan0495.  This is good news for the nearly 3,500 parcels totaling 400,000 units that can now continue to move the industry towards economic recovery in the housing markets throughout the state.


CVAG – Annual Update to MSHCP Fee

Please see attached notice Scan0482 regarding the Automatic Annual Fee Adjustment to the MSHCP Local Development Mitigation Fee.  Increase will be 1.9% and effective July 1, 2013.

Coachella Valley Housing Trust Foundation – 2013 Moving Forward Conference:

Economic Forecast for the Coachella Valley presented by Dr. Mark Schniepp, California Economic Forecast

Schniepp_presentation (a)  Use Link to download the Forecast!

California League of Cities – Legislative Bills and Action Info

For Summary related to:  Elimination of Enterprise Zones throughout State of California (may also be opened in Adobe Reader):  Click to:  Scan0478

Programs Offered:

Energy Efficient Programs Available

Enhanced Lighting Incentive: Custom Energy Solutions Program

  • For a limited time IID is offering an enhanced rebate of $o.11 per kWh to non residential customers who upgrade to energy efficient lighting.

Contact: Darrin Marquez at 760-482-3679, or visit www. iid.com/cesp

New Construction Energy Efficiency Program

What is NCEEP?

  • IID’s New Construction Energy Efficiency Program (NCEEP) is an incentive program that offers incentives to non-residential customers for energy-efficient new construction and renovation projects. This program is designed to incentivize both the owner and design team.

The program objectives are to:

  • achieve at least 10 percent energy savings over the current Title 24 requirements; and
  • financially reward energy-efficient design and construction projects.

Contact: Darrin Marquez at 760-482-3679, or visit www. iid.com/cesp

Custom Energy Solutions Program

What is CESP?

  • IID’s Custom Energy Solutions Program (CESP) provides non-residential customers financial incentives for the installation of energy-efficient equipment.

The program is designed to:

  • encourage the installation of energy-efficient equipment, which reduces operating expenses, increases net operating income and provides quicker return on investment; and
  • allow for simple payback to the facility owner through energy savings within a short period of time. In some cases helps finance other equipment upgrade projects at little or no out-of-pocket cost.

Who is eligible for the program?

  • All IID non-residential accounts qualify for the program.

Contact: Darrin Marquez at 760-482-3679, or visit www. iid.com/cesp